Sustainability Commitment:
BSB pledges to reduce operational emissions 15% by 2027 against a baseline of 2022.

BSB Mfg. Ltd Social Responsibility:
At BSB Mfg. we believe in sustainability and supporting initiatives that promote environmental responsibility. Complying with environmental legislation is essential to us but where we believe it right, we endeavor to go beyond just compliance. BSB Mfg. Ltd. is determined to minimize our own environmental impact, as well as having a beneficial environmental impact on our customers’ products. To achieve this we are constantly seeking new, more efficient methods of working, and seeking to reduce our carbon footprint at all opportunities.

  1. Good health and well-being
    • Offer employee health benefits
    • Make investments in health a priority in business operations.
  2. Quality education
    • Create programs (e.g., internships, work-study programs, traineeships, etc.) that give students earlier access to the working environment
    • Provide employees with continuous opportunities to improve their (job) skills for their current and future employment.
  3. Gender equality
    • Pay equal remuneration, including benefits, for work of equal value.
    • Establish a zero-tolerance policy towards all forms of violence at work, including verbal/ and/ or physical abuse
  4. Affordable and clean energy
    • Pursue efficient certifications, like LEED or Energy Star.
    • Prioritize energy efficiency across all operations, preserve light, heating, cooling, etc. whenever possible.
  5. Decent work and economic growth
    • Offer apprenticeship opportunities.
    • Foster entrepreneurial culture and invest in/mentor young entrepreneurs.
    • Install a firm policy against unfair hiring and recruitment practices.
  6. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
    • Establish standards and promote regulation that ensures company projects and initiatives are sustainably managed
    • Promote innovation by giving all stakeholders the opportunity to offer creative solutions to sustainability challenges.
  7. Sustainable cities and communities
    • Jointly develop and/or participate in a sustainable community that brings together relevant stakeholders through a common and neutral platform to jointly analyze, discuss, and act on urban functionality, resilience, and sustainable development
    • Support and utilize public transportation services
  8. Responsible consumption and production
    • Reduce manufacturing impacts by substituting virgin raw materials in products with post-consumer materials through recycling and upcycling.
    • Significantly reduce waste and ensure that any unavoidable waste is utilized to the fullest degree (e.g., organic waste as fuel or fertilizer).
  9. Climate action
    • Retrofit the lighting systems of the company’s facilities to energy-efficient LED lighting.
    • Understand climate risk and build resilience into the company’s assets and supply chain.
    • Updated plant heating systems to energy efficient radiant heat to scale back use of fossil fuels.
  10. Peace, justice and strong institutions
    • Comply with laws and seek to meet international standards; require and support business partners to do the same.

BSB Mfg. Ltd. believes strongly in operating to the highest possible standards and providing a safe, comfortable and responsive working environment for all its staff. Continuous improvements are made through regular meetings and discussions with staff representatives. We make every effort to not only comply with regulations but to go further by introducing our own corporate policies and guidelines, some of which can be found below.
To maintain the highest possible standards for social and ethical compliance throughout our company and supply chain we are a Ecovadis audited member. This is verified by regular assessments by an external third party that ensures our best practices are meeting the standards required by our customers. We would be happy to link any potential customers, who are also members of Ecovadis, to our profile.

Health, Safety & Security
BSB strives to promote the health and safety of all our employees through awareness and training. This is achieved through sound operating procedures, setting of high standards for well-maintained facilities and equipment, and by rigorous monitoring of our performance. The aim of our health and safety management system is to provide employees with a workplace that meets the highest of standards.
At BSB our goals are to:
o Promote and drive a strong, positive safety culture
o Encourage reporting of accidents and near misses
o The setting of objectives and targets to promote continuous improvement
o Elect staff representatives who meet on a regular basis to suggest
o Carry out regular internal audits of procedures to ensure standards are being met

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